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Flexible pricing
for companies and developers

How many events do you need per month?
  • Open Beta*

    For testing and evaluation or small-scale deployments.


    per month
    • Up to 10K events a month
  • Open Beta*
    Indie Dev

    Small projects by up to 2 indie-hackers.


    per month
    • 20K events/month included
  • Open Beta*

    Good place for bigger projects, startups, and full fledge businesses.


    per month
    • 60K events/month included
  • Enterprise

    For bigger business, looking for Premium Enterprise Support, custom SLA’s, or very large deployments.

    Contact us

    • 1M events/month included
  • *During Open Beta, all tariffs except Enterprise are free to use.

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  • Notifications
  • Plan Includes
  • Maximum Events
  • Active Templates
  • Active Providers
  • Channels & Providers Library
  • Team members
  • Full API
  • In-App UI
  • Remove Novu Branding
  • Feed Retention
  • Feed API
Advanced Features
  • User Preferences
  • Digest
  • Time Awareness
  • Testing Templates
  • Advanced Routing Engine
  • Internationalization
  • Topics
  • Email Callback
  • Monitoring
  • Log Retention
Security & Compliance
  • User Roles & Permissions
  • Uptime SLA
  • Initial Support SLA
  • Custom SLA’s
  • Audit Logs
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Support
  • Priority Support
30 days
95%3 business daysCommunity Discord

Indie Dev

Get started
Unlimited20KUp to 100K106All2
90 days
99.99%2 business daysEmail + Chat


Get started
Unlimited60KUp to 5MUnlimitedUnlimitedAllUnlimited
1 year
99.99%2 business daysEmail + ChatAt an additional price


Get started
3 years
CustomCustomEmail + Chat + Team Training + Enterprise Support + Team Onboarding + Dedicated Discord/Slack channelAt an additional price

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? Here are some common questions we've been asked.

  • A trigger event (also called an event) is a request that kicks off a process in Novu logic engine (API call to /v1/events/trigger for example). A trigger event can make many different types of actions, including digests, delays, and sending notifications to various channels, as well filters and user preference checks. You are charged for trigger event that starts a process in the logic engine for each unique subscriber.
  • A notification is any message sent over any channel, after Novu logic engine, Novu user preferences, and your configuration calculated and crafted the message. A notification can be sent to an email, In-App notification center, chat, push, and more.
  • Novu Open source is a technology available under an MIT license, build and maintained by Novu community. You can adapt it to your needs, contribute, or simply use docker files and run it. Novu Cloud is a managed service run, managed, and maintained by Novu, Cloud version is scalable and robust by design, including uptime SLAs, and more business-facing features, that are not available under the Open Source version.
  • Yes, you absolutely can. Our managed cloud system was built to scale with your usage, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Yes, we do. Enterprise plans are available for teams who require extended enterprise-grade features, and specific SLAs or have unique concerns about PII, security, insurance, or legal. Feel free to reach out to us over Intercom, or send us an email at
  • As part of our enterprise support, you’ll get our usual support channels as well as a Microsoft Teams/Slack/Discord channel. In case you want to add an enterprise support plan, with dedicated technical support, we are happy to offer that next to an active enterprise plan.
  • We plan to convert to the paid version of Novu sometime between Q2 and Q4 of 2023. We will ensure that we contact all of our customers at least x months before the switch so that you have plenty of time to ensure your systems are not impacted.
  • We sure can. We are happy to work with enterprises and build Novu to support both their needs as well as the grand community ones. From new features, security, and privacy, or if you need to send dozens or hundreds of events a month, we are here to help. Feel free to reach out to us over Chat, or send us an email at
  • We regularly work with big companies and are happy to help and support you with guidance, and various compliances including reports to ease your security and legal team. If you have very complicated PII needs, you can use our OS version, Novu Hybrid-Cloud enterprise plan, or reach out to us at, or our support, or Discord.
  • We sure do! First of all we promise uptime SLA for our cloud system for 99.99%. We also offer an initial 2 days support SLA, but most enquiries on our Intercom or Discord get a response in a couple of hours. For our enterprise plan we can offer upgraded SLA as part of the commercial contract.
  • Yes, you can. If you send less than 10K events per month, then Novu Cloud is entirely free. Another option is to deploy the Open-Source version of Novu onto your own infrastructure, but that does not give you the unique SLA and global redundancy we have in the Cloud version of Novu.