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Privacy Policy

A. General

  1. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) regulates your use of the Website (as defined below) and/or Platform (as defined below) (both, Website and Platform referred to hereunder as the “Services“) operated by Noti-Fire Apps Ltd. (the “Company”). Using or receiving the Services from the Website or Platform is subject to this Privacy Policy. Please be sure to examine the Privacy Policy before making any use of the Website or Platform. Your usage of the Services in effect constitutes your consent to this Privacy Policy. If you do not consent to the  Privacy Policy, in whole or in part, you are not authorized to make use of the Services. 
  2. The Company reserves the right to alter and update this Privacy Policy from time to time, without prior notice. The updated Privacy Policy may be viewed from time to time by clicking the “Privacy Policy” link on the Website. Any use of the Website or Platform shall constitute renewed consent to the provisions of the then-current Privacy Policy.  
  3. In the event of any incompatibility between the stated in this Privacy Policy and between the stated in any other informational pages on the Website, the stated in this Privacy Policy shall govern.

B. Terms of Use

  1. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Company’s Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”). Please be sure to read the Terms of Use in the following link: Terms of Use
  2. To the extent that you do not consent to any of the terms of the Company’s Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, please refrain from using the Services. Any use of the Services is subject to and contingent on your consent to both the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. 

C. Definitions

  1. The following terms shall have the meanings ascribed alongside them, unless expressly stated otherwise:
  2. A “Device” means a computer, communications equipment (including the modem), telephone device, cellphone device (including smartphones) and any other equipment, hardware or software that you use in your consumption of the Services, as well as any accompanying functions thereto, including information security.
  3. An “End-User” means customers or users of the User.
  4. The “Platform” means the Company’s online platform offering Open-Source codes and supplementary services, via the Website. 
  5. An “Account” is an account created in the Website by a person or legal entity, which has been registered in accordance with the Terms of Use.
  6. A “User” or “You” means any person or entity who created an Account or uses an Account. 
  7. The “Website” of the Company in the address

D. Collection of Data

  1. In order to make use of the Services, you may be required to provide information about yourself such as your full name, e-mail address, address, telephone number, API keys, tokens, details regarding the corporation you represent, information regarding your End Users, or any other information the Company may require (the “Data”). 
  2. The Data provided to the Company may be verified against information about you already in the Company’s possession, or similar information supplied to the Company, or against any similar information in the possession of any third party that is legally provided to the Company. 
  3. By registering with the Website or Platform or using the Services, you warrant that you are aware that you are not under any legal obligation to provide the information that you have provided, and that you provide this information with your full consent and of your own free will.
  4. The Company implements suitable security measures to protect the Data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.  

E. The Use of Data

  1. The Company may process the Data according to the provisions of this Privacy Policy. The Data is processed at the Company’s operating offices and in any other places where the parties involved in the processing are located. 
  2. The Company may use the Data for contacting the Users and for marketing purposes, including for sending you marketing and/or advertisement materials through any lawfully permitted means of communication, including by direct mail, e-mail, SMS messages, inter alia, based on data segmentation and/or your preferences, and those of other users, as recorded during the use of the Services. 
  3. Users who wish not to receive messages via direct mail shall notify the Company through the contact mechanisms set out in Section ‎34 below, the Website or through the removal mechanism found in any mail item.
  4. You hereby grant the Company irrevocable and unconditional permission to make use of your information that you provided the Company in the course of registering or in the course of using the Services (including information about you that was collected while you browsed the Website), to create anonymous statistical data, including generating averaged data, aggregated data, performance tests or benchmarks; user preferences, comparisons, recommendations or other calculations, or creating derivative products based on the information provided by you or collected about you, whether combined with information received from third parties or otherwise (said actions and their products being jointly termed “Statistical Data”). Without derogating from the foregoing, it is clarified that the Statistical Data is the sole property of the Company, and that it owns all rights, including copyrights and intellectual property rights, in respect of the Statistical Data. The Company shall hold an unlimited right to use, update, alter, improve, sell, lease, create derivatives of or make any other use of the Statistical Data, without being required to give notice or bear any other duty or liability toward you. To avoid any doubt, you hereby assign all rights in the Statistical Data to the Company, and hereby waive any right in the Statistical Data or any claim in connection with the use thereof.
  5. Data may be retained by the Company for as long as needed to provide the Services, or for a longer period, if the User consented to such an extended retention period.

F. API usage Terms

  1. The Application Program Interface allows Users to access their Data, as such term is defined in the Privacy Policy (“API”). Any usage of the API, including use of the API through a third-party product/service, is governed by these Terms of Use, and the Company holds no responsibility and shall not be held liable for any damages or losses resulting from the User’s use of the API.

G. Transfer of Data to Third Parties

  1. The provision of the information constitutes the User’s consent that their information and any data obtained on the basis of an analysis of this information and any information about them that has reached or will reach the Company, be held in one or more databases of the Company or anyone acting on its behalf, to the extent that this is required by law, and that such information shall be used in accordance with the following purposes:
    1. Marketing, advertising, sales promotion and sales, and for the purpose of contacting the User in any manner, including by way of direct mail, through any media channel that it deems fit;
    2. Conducting surveys and any other online use in connection with a marketing issue;
    3. For internal needs, such as the need to investigate complaints;
    4. For mailing marketing and advertisement materials;
    5. For analysis and delivery of statistical information to third parties. In this case, the data will not include any Data that can identify the User.
    6. For the provision of services by the Company.
    7. Other than as set forth above, the Data shall not be delivered to any third party, except in the following cases:
    8. If the disclosure of the Data, or any part of it, to third parties who are parties to or are involved in the provision of the Services by the Company to its customers, provided that such disclosure is necessary for the performance of the Services. These third parties shall have no right to use this Data except for the purpose that the Company provided it for;
    9. If it is required to do so by judicial order or by law;
    10. If you receive a warning that legal action has been instituted against it for actions performed by the User, or in the event of a claim, lawsuit, demand or legal proceedings, if existing, between the User and the Company;
    11. If the Company organizes its activities within the framework of another body, including a merger with another entity or a merger of activity. In such a case, the Company shall ensure that the third party into which the Company is merged shall accept upon itself the provisions of this Privacy Policy;
    12. If a claim is raised or a suspicion arises at the Company, that the User or End User committed an act or omission that harms or may harm the Company, anyone acting on its behalf or any third parties;
    13. If a claim is raised or a suspicion arises at the Company that the User or End User made or used the Website for the purpose of carrying out an illegal act or to encourage the performance of such an act;
    14. If a claim is raised or a suspicion arises at the Company, that the User or End User violated any of the this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use, or any agreement with the Company or with anyone on its behalf;
  2. Users shall not have any claim or demand against the Company in connection with the provision of their information, as mentioned, and they hereby waive any such claim or lawsuit.

H. “Cookies”

  1. A “Cookie” is a small text file which is stored on your device through a web server. This file is not a computer software, and it does not have the ability to read the information entailed in it, or to perform any sort of action regarding it. The purpose of use of Cookies is for the Company servers to identify you quickly and efficiently when you return to use any of the Services and when you are visiting other websites.
  2. By giving your consent to this  Privacy Policy, you are hereby enabling the Company to store Cookies on your Device, to use the information entailed in the Cookies, and to identify you with it.
  3. Through Cookies, the Company may, in its discretion, advertise itself in different websites you choose to visit (“Third-Party Vendors”). During your use in these websites, information may be gathered concerning you and the Company may use it as per the use mentioned above.
  4. The Company is not in charge of operating the Third-Party Vendors’ websites or the content offered therein, they are fully independent websites. Therefore, it is recommended to browse the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents of every one of the Third-Party Vendors’ websites.
  5. If you choose to block Cookies while you are visiting websites, you can instruct your browser, by changing its settings, to stop accepting cookies or to prompt you before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. If you do not know how to do so, you can check the order of the process by through the help tab of the browser you are using. However, if you choose to disable Cookies, some services or data regarding your preferences and internet browsing habits may not function properly and this may influence the Site’s activity and availability. 

I. The Collection of Information of End Users

  1. The User hereby declares that it complies with all applicable laws relating to the protection of privacy, databases, and their registration, and the sending of direct mail and publications, and that any information of End User delivered by the User to the Company may be used by the Company in accordance with any law. 
  2. The User undertakes to duly receive the explicit consent of the End Users as for the transfer of their information to third parties and to the receiving of publications and marketing offers. For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that the details of End Users who have not agreed to the transfer of their details will not be transferred to the Company. 

J. The Rights of the Users

  1. Every User has the right to withdraw consent to the terms of the Privacy Policy and to the processing of Data at any time using the contact details set forth in section 39. 
  2. The Data which has been gathered concerning you shall be kept in the Company’s database (the “Database”) and under its responsibility. Every User is entitled to browse the Information concerning him/her kept in the Database, and to verify the accuracy of the Data. 
  3. User who has browsed the Data and found it to be mistaken, incomplete, archaic or unclear, is entitled to approach the Database owner with a request to correct the Information. Such a request shall be referred to the contact details set forth in section 39. 
  4. Users have the right to request Data to be deleted and removed from the Database, in the contact details set forth in section 26.

K. Miscellaneous

  1. Jurisdiction. Use of the Services is subject solely to Israeli law. Unique jurisdiction over all disputes relating to the Website, Platform and/or Services and any other service provided by the Company is exclusively awarded to the competent courts of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. 
  2. Notices and Notifications. Various notices and notifications from the Company, including advertisement mail, may be sent to you by e-mail, by direct post, through SMS messages. Through any other means of communication, to the address provided by you in the registration form for the Services, in the event that you approved receiving such notices and notifications. 
  3. Contact. The User may send any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, or to receive support regarding the use of the Website and/or the Platform, by writing to the Company via email to: or to such other addresses as the Company may specify in writing.

Last version: 13th February 2023