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[Part 1] Building a real-time Auction System with Socket.io and React.js 🤯

Like an actual auction, if you bid for a product, you get counterbids from other bidders. The auction runs on the "fast" decision bid, where somebody else will win or outbid you if you don't bid fast enough. To use online bidding, We must stick to the same principles. We must give our bidder information as soon as a new bid comes

Nevo David
Nevo DavidAugust 1, 2022

Core Team vs. Contributors

Growing the Novu community started with an objective to “gather” a community around solving a common problem of lacking multi-channel notification infrastructure for products. This means that people were already familiar with the product because they had a the same problem, and Novu stepped in to provide a solution. So essentially, we gave our community a platform to work on solving problems they experienced in their work.

Tomer Barnea
Tomer BarneaJuly 20, 2022

Overcome Remote Working

Remote working has been in existence for a long time, but it wasn’t as prominent then as it is now. Then, You just had to show up to the office, even if all that needed to be done at the office was as simple as signing a document or as tasking as having a team meeting, you just had to be physically present at the office. This was the reality for many people until the epidemic came and suddenly, so many people had a different orientation about ‘Working from home’ and that going to the office wasn’t necessary to work together and collaborate.

Tomer Barnea
Tomer BarneaJuly 13, 2022

Building in public

One of the main core values of Novu is transparency with our community, team members, partners, and the industry around us. Transparency isn’t something new, we’ve seen other companies do it such as Gitlab. The motion of building in public, Open Startup, and Open Telemetry is a part of a fresh movement, trying to make the world better by allowing more observability, accountability, and trust between companies and their surroundings.

Tomer Barnea
Tomer BarneaJuly 5, 2022