Improve your product notifications with Digest, Separate Feeds, and Feeds action buttons.

Notification is a way that you can inform your user about new things that happened in your product. You can expect the usual form of notification: In-app notifications (like you have on Facebook), Emails, SMSs, Push notifications, and Direct providers such as Slack.

Omer Ben Ami
Omer Ben AmiJuly 27, 2022

Scale – when things get complicated

When companies grow, tens or hundreds of emails and other notifications are sent – one-time password emails, weekly digests, product updates, product-led growth (PLG) emails, member invites, and so on. Once you have more than three types of emails to manage, another layer with the complexities of managing multiple notifications templates comes up. Furthermore, as companies grow, you’ll have users in different channels, all requiring custom notifications daily.

Tools for a better user experience


Imagine your company has an app where users interact with each other’s content. So whenever you post content, users get a notification for each and every like or comment – how tedious would that be? No user will keep your app’s notifications on if that’s the experience they’ll get!

What you need is Digest (batch) to aggregate individual notifications into a “super” notification at a predefined time. You can also define parameters that determine the intervals in which users get notifications. So notifications are “digested” or “batched” into one message and sent at the end of the day or the interval you define.


Call to action buttons.

When you get a friend request over Facebook, you can usually see that the notification has a call-to-action inside.
Confirm or Cancel – This is the simplest form of two-way communication, which is essential for any product to have.

Call to action

Different feeds of notifications

Notification Feeds are the tabs-like feeds seen in the notification center for different kinds of notifications.
It can be:
One for likes, one for comments (like Reddit).
One for Inbox, one for following (like Notion)
One for all, One for unread (like Facebook)


What happens next?

Companies add notifications incrementally as they grow, and notifications management becomes a nightmare,

Or they choose to build a notifications product in-house from scratch. As I see it, neither option makes sense; 99% of startups die, and building a notifications product from scratch gets you close to becoming part of this statistic.


Novu is the first open-source notifications infrastructure built by developers to developers. It’s a one-stop shop for all things notifications, just like Stripe for payments. Developers worldwide can quickly implement our infrastructure without the hassle of building a notifications system from scratch so they can focus on what matters to their company.

⭐️⭐️ I am happy to announce Novu new version, 0.6.0!!! ⭐️⭐️

Now you can

  • Create your own user journey using the workflow editor.
  • Put notifications into digest (batch).
  • Put different feeds of notifications.
  • Put buttons (action items) inside your notifications.

I want to thank all our amazing contributors. We couldn’t do it without you!
See the full list of contributors here:

Novu is looking for new contributors!

Come help us out to build the best open-source notification infrastructure, Get recognized by the community, and become a Community Hero here:

Omer Ben Ami
Omer Ben AmiJuly 27, 2022

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