Create powerful notification workflows using code

Join the waitlist to create complex workflows, content, access local data, and reuse existing content templates with Novu Echo.

  • Developer first notifications and workflows

    Do it all in code, locally, and still enable product and non-dev teams to interact with content safely.

  • Complete control and flexibility

    100% code-backed enables limitless integrations, dataset access, and content customizations.

  • Integrate with ease

    Seamlessly tie modern notification infrastructure in with your existing content libraries and templates, and message delivery providers (yes, even custom!)

Introducing Novu Echo

Simplify notifications with code

  • Content

    Integrate with React Email/MJML or other content libraries

  • Components

    Build reusable workflow components and content or integrate with existing design system tokens and elements

  • GitOps

    Version-controlled notification workflows managed in Git

  • Customizable

    Run Custom Code in your VPC to fetch data just in time from a database or third-party notification

  • Better debugging

    Debug and replay workflows in your IDE

  • Flexible

    Define workflow variables and Inputs using JSON schema (supporting zod, ajv, class validators, and more…)

In-code workflow definition example

Your workflows and content. 100% code.

Notifications are hard for developers and product teams

Creating rich, customized, multi-channel notification experiences is hard, but it shouldn't be.

  • Multiple channels

    Managing notifications across multiple channels (SMS, in-app, push, etc.) is a challenge

  • UIs and API-only are limiting

    Building and customizing notification workflows only via the UI and/or API can be time-consuming and error-prone

  • Integrations are a pain

    Integrating notifications with existing tools and content frameworks is complex and requires significant effort

  • Lack of control

    Developers lack control over notification processes or are restricted by overly rigid systems

  • Debugging is a nightmare

    Debugging workflow and content issues in a UI or with an API is time-consuming

  • Requirements

    Setting requirements for notification flows can be complex and restricted by the tool you’re using